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About Rack Stash

No more tripping over racks, bikes, and hitches on the garage floor. Just take your hitch right off your car and plug it in to the Rack Stash on your wall- with or without your gear attached. Rack Stash is built for use with 2-inch and 1 1/4-inch hitch rack accessories and is built in the USA of heavy duty steel with black powder-coat finish, aluminum spacers, and zinc-plated mounting hardware.


Less time fumbling with storage.


More time outside.


Only a few bolts are needed to to secure the Rack Stash to your garage wall


Mounting the rack is a breeze and shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes


Ok, it’s a little over 3 pounds. But still, that’s pretty darn sleek for such a sturdy storage unit!


Rack multiple bikes on your sport hitch and enjoy easy loading and unloading

Easy installation

Rack Stash is quickly and easily mounted on any wall stud in your garage–all necessary hardware is included. Not only can you store your quiver of bikes on your hitch cycling rack above the floor and out of the way, but you can also use your Rack Stash as a bike repair stand.

An avid biker on the abundant trails of Bend, Oregon, I developed the Rack Stash to make it easier for outdoor lovers like me to load up their rigs when adventure calls. Too often, I found the hassle of loading and unloading my rack and bikes from my car discouraged me from getting out on the trails. I have tried nearly every other storage solution around, and I’m pretty sure you won’t find a better storage solution than Rack Stash for your hitch-mounted bike rack.


Rack Stash by Kent Herman - Inventing a Storage Rack for Hitch Mounted Bike Racks
Rack Stash by Kent Herman - Inventing a Storage Rack for Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

Kent Herman is an avid adventurer. He loves to mountain bike on the abundant trails in Bend, Oregon and found that often times his bike rack got in the way of his adventures (and walking through is garage). The hitch mounted bike rack was an awesome accessory but he did not know how to store the bulky thing. That is when he decided to create a way. Now Kent keeps a tidy garage and his rack and gear are always ready for the next adventure. Learn about his creation process and passion for adventure as well as installation tips for your Rack Stash in this video!